The VarnikaDesigns Blog is a time machine.

#projectinterpret is a venture of VarnikaDesigns – a multi sensory, cultural, interactive and inclusive space that travels to uncharted territories, excavates stories, deconstructs narratives, explores multiple perspectives and interprets them. This makes us know and appreciate ourselves and our neighbours, enjoy what we do, relish what we eat and cherish what we have.

You will find specially sourced information that has been found and experienced by the author, attempting to be as close to authentic representations as possible. You can search under ‘categories’ or ‘archives’ for the posts since 2015.

#projectinterpret undertakes guided tours to historical sites across India, customised to the needs of the participants. Families, teenagers, young adults, professionals, homemakers and senior citizens – anyone from anywhere – are most welcome to be a part of this venture. Email at: varnikaz@yahoo.co.in for details.

#projectinterpret can be located at Facebook and Instagram as VarnikaDesigns for regular updates on its adventures.

VarnikaDesigns is a Museum & Heritage Space consultancy service that has been operational since 2010. More at: http://www.varnikadesigns.com/AboutUs.php






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