Gold objects, Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Gold items found at the Bodh Gaya temple, Bihar
Gold items found at the Bodh Gaya temple, Bihar

These objects were found at the base of the temple dedicated to Buddha at Bodh Gaya, Bihar – probably offered by various devotees. It includes a coin moulded on those during the times of the Kushana king Huvishka I.

Aren’t these objects intricate and beautiful? They are quite small, as if someone would have taken them off their personal self or out or a very intimate gift box tucked away in their private collection. While working on the Bihar Museum I wondered that we always read about kings and queens in history, but what about the ‘commoners’? After seeing these objects I immediately found myself standing at the Bodh Gaya temple observing some simple people laying down these offerrings, maybe in answer to their prayers, fulfilment of a wish or just because they were standing at the same place where Buddha attained Enlightenment – hence the name ‘Bodh’.

These objects are displayed at the British Museum, South Asia gallery.


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