Modern glass creations at the V&A ‘What is Luxury’ exhibition

This exhibition is about the explorations of luxury, its meaning, essence and interaction between the human element at both ends of the chain – the creator and the consumer of luxury – through the objects. It also creates an interesting dialogue between the past and the present concept of luxury and how the word has evolved with times. It has an installation where there is a unique creation about the new generation luxury – time.

As promised, Sumegha, this post has images mainly of glass objects and installations from the  It has some fantastic explorations in glass and I immediately thought of you – the glass lover.

I have captioned the objects/installations along with their creators along side the photographs.


Transparency or illusion of network of spaces? Called the ‘A rematerliasation of systems’ by El Ultimo Grito


There was an interesting array of jellyfish that looked they trapped in our chemistry lab glass tubes but these were made by Steffen Dam using glass, silver foil and carbon layers to appear real!


This installation was made of real dandelion seed heads that were blended into LED!!! It uses a 3 dimensional bronze circuit that conducts electricity, this removed all wiring issues. It was made in 2011 by Studio Drift using dandelion seeds, LED, phosphorus bronze, plexiglas, MDF and of course circuits.

Details of the chandelier

There are some other photos from the same exhibition, can’t resist posting them:

This is the photograph of the turban made of 160 kms of gold thread by Giovanni Corvaja for 10 years! It’s really stunning.


And, this last photo is of objects made of human hair, resin, stainless steel and mirror. Yes, you read correctly – human hair. it is being considered a highly sustainable item in a world where natural resources are at a stretch.


It is a V&A and Crafts Council Exhibition, till 25th September 2015


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