A Maharaja’s vision, and the romance continues…

In the last blog, we had started on the journey of the discovery of the creations of the illustrious ruler Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. We saw him turn into a full fledged king, soon he will prove he is a ruler above excellence, a beloved of his citizens whom he never considered his subjects. Sayajirao was... Continue Reading →


A Maharaja’s vision and romance

Dear Aditya, Shashwat and Anushka Let me tell you the story of the place where your parents grew up, studied, met and fell in love. It is a city where you owe your origins to, any guesses for it? Yes, it is Baroda as the British called it and Vadodara as it is now known.... Continue Reading →

She sells sea shells…

This small watercolour by Priyam Chatterjee brings many thoughts to my overworked and undersized brain...A brain greedy for rushing colours, vibrance and images cannot stop going back to this painting and freezing...arrested with the stark painfulness of the moment captured in vivid colours. A day before India creaked with her arthitic joints towards her nearly 70th birthday... Continue Reading →

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