Have you visited your local Museum yet? We have :)

March is here, everyone will get busy with their financial work in India as this month ends the financial year here. It’s a stressful time when you realise that most of your investments have gone wrong and the essential papers are missing!

For a de-stressful time, visit the local museum in your city to marvel at what our ancestors achieved and be assured that we’ll do better 😎

We went to the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum. The 3rd oldest in India, it was built 160 years ago as the Victoria & Albert Museum. The splendid architectural conservation and restoration work by Vikas Dilawari won it the UNESCO award a decade back. It’s the first museum in India with the public-private-partnership model, the brainchild of its Managing Trustee and Honorary Director, Ms Tasneem Mehta.

My communication design students from Whistling Woods International seemed to not get enough of it and kept getting lost in its many stories. It’s not called a City Museum for nothing – so many communities, professions and their games and musical lives can be seen displayed through the terracotta figurines. Several visits to this Museum is due!

So #justchill 😊

We soaked in the historic atmosphere so much that it became like a time travel class. That formidable lady from more than a 100 years back in time created some dynamic discourses in creativity! Queen Victoria ruled over the Indian subcontinent as her Empress. And, even today the ripples of her rule are evident in the award winning conservatory (that most people are not aware of), the gargoyles and curvatures in the grills and lamp posts, the botanical garden, lovingly called Rani Bagh, with its precious flora and fauna. I just love the gate at the entrance of the Byculla Garden-cum-Zoo. It was made in honour of the Queen and the love of her life, her husband, Prince Albert.

There’s a very crucial link with his and my work but that will be discussed later. For now, sharing some vignettes with everyone from the Victorian England in erstwhile Bombay, present Mumbai.

The Sophomore students of PD and SDM visited the new ‘Making Art’ exhibition at Piramal Museum of Art to understand the practical application of their course ‘Introduction to Design Studies’. They experienced how the global theoretical framework, which they are reading in class, influences the individual thought and creative processes. They will be further exploring different facets of the exhibition for their course assignments.



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