World Heritage Day: Post #1


18 April is World Heritage Day.

Today #projectinterpret salutes those who protect our Heritage, at whatever cost. Those who remain unrecognised, unknown and invisible. Those who we never get an opportunity to thank for their infinite efforts.

Who is cleaning the Ghats or banks of the Ganga every morning before we go and ritualistically dirty them???

And the women who sweep. I’ve noticed them always standing away from the main crowds. Aren’t they important for us? Do we care???

The custodians of knowledge, from running free libraries to praying for Supreme Justice

They are ageless ❤️ Sharing their love and concern with us since generations. How do we thank them? Next time please do smile and nod your head or fold your hands in gratitude, if saying “Thank you” is difficult

Local communities are included as guides as part of Heritage with their sometimes factually incorrect but dramatic enactments of the past. Who needs expensive Game of Thrones when they are around???

Enjoy our Heritage 😍

These photographs have been taken from Heritage sites all over India over the years 🙂 check the captions for details


Since 1982, World Heritage Day has been a day to celebrate and promote cultural heritage, and an opportunity to raise awareness about its diversity, its relevance, how vulnerable it can be and what the needs and benefits of its conservation are.

The members of ICOMOS (International Council for Monuments & Sites) contribute to improving the preservation of heritage, the standards and the techniques for each type of cultural heritage property: buildings, historic cities, cultural landscapes and archaeological sites

Please read the ICOMOS website for more details:



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