100th post, 5 years!!!

This is the 100th post celebrating 5 years of this blog!!! I can’t believe it! I had never imagined I would be able to write regularly but here it is – 100 posts πŸ™‚ thank YOU for reading them and giving encouraging feedback. Through this 100th post I formally announce the ‘Museum Memories Project’ – the oral history documentation project that was started on April 15, 2020, a VarnikaDesigns initiative, to positively respond to an unprecedented global pandemic



It aims to be an accessible and inclusive educational platform to reach out to those who might have been forgotten, are isolated, depressed and lack access to museums or heritage sites. It attempts to look forward to an undiscovered future with excitement

It strives to bring the world closer, by making the individual realise their importance in the universe, to love and respect themselves and others through the knowledge of shared histories, preserved through museums

We are in the process of creating a digital multimedia archive where there are many surprises for everyone, apart from showcasing the museum memories πŸ™‚


WE NEED YOU Do send us your personal memories of a museum, and share this post with all your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, enemies and students

Contribution-06_small size
Photograph by Harshit Rao

All posters made by Ashwini Parihar, with active intervention of Manu Srivastava and yours truly :p

Follow us on Instagram for the Museum Memories postings @museummemoriesproject


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