Happy Holi :)

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holi 💕 this is a video I took of the flower locally called in Bangla/Bengali – Phagun Bou – meaning Spring Bride. It blooms for 3 weeks max, but what glory! Couldn’t resist sharing her with you. Turn on the speakers and listen to the happy birds.

Holi is the festival of colours in India. It is celebrated in the full moon – Poornima – of the Indian month of – Vasanta – Spring. India celebrates 6 seasons unlike the western world’s 4. The entire natural world blooms and there is a range of the most stunning yellows and reds. It’s a season of hope and love ♥️ these are what the world badly needs today. So let’s celebrate Holi, every one of us in our own style of social distancing 😍

Holi is also a season of harvesting related to Kharif crops. India has two kinds of crops – Kharif and Rabi. Don’t forget, India is a vast country with all the geography you have read in school 😎

Holi also has a legend which says that dark skinned Krishna was in love with light skinned Radha but doubtful if she would accept him due to his skin colour. His mother saw his despair and asked him to go ahead and confess to Radha asking her to colour his face with any colour she liked. He told her the same and he was accepted, thus beginning the romance of Radha and Krishna ❤ and Holi.

Nature inspires. Here’s proof. My first purchase of 2021. These are 4 handmade small rugs or ‘asanas’ made in Sriniketan for the school students of Patha Bhavan to sit on. Patha Bhavan is the primary, junior and senior school of the Visva Bharati University.

These are still made in Sriniketan, the handicrafts and handloom school established by Rabindranath Tagore for vocational training. These can be purchased, along with some Sriniketan products, at the outlet of the University called ‘Samabaye Samiti’ – a registered cooperative. With such resplendent colours of Nature all around, it’s important to absorb them and let them flow through our hearts and minds – not always consciously. Let just everything seep in and then listen to them talk to you one day 💕

All photos and videos by the author, kindly give credit before sharing. Thank you 🙂


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