1st Birthday of ‘The Museum Memories Project’

Yeaaahhh, we are one 🙂  ‘The Museum Memories Project’ – an oral history documentation digital platform – was launched on April 15, 2020. For the first time, museum visitors were invited to delve deep and freely express their memories. They could share their favourite artefacts, spaces and moments in museums that they loved.

This accessible and inclusive project attempts to decolonise the space, and provide a global platform to the hitherto unknown voices of museum visitors where they become the creator, curator and consumer of their own history. It helps unlock collections from closed doors, guaranteeing their longevity in a pandemic world where communities stand endangered and on the brink of losing their identity and histories as museums are shut!

If you would like to be a Memory Producer then kindly email your museum memories to museummemoriesproject@gmail.com. You can send photos, artwork, audio or video, with a small writeup, in any language.

Subscribe to the Youtube ‘The Museum Memories Project’ channel for interviews with experts on ‘Impresario: The Heritage Foundry’. We have started a partnership with museums called ‘Museum Musafir: a Museum Insider’s Tale’ where videos reveal museum staff’s favourite artefacts from their workplace. Keep following us on Instagram on profile with our project name.

Thank you everyone ♥️♥️♥️


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