New Initiatives of ‘The Museum Memories Project’

MuMe Matters: an endeavour by The Museum Memories Project was launched on 11th July, 2021.

We visualise it as an interactive, invigorating, educational, exploratory and knowledge sharing catalytic space to initiate dialogues and spur conversations amongst professionals. Here, themes of accessibility and inclusion which have hitherto escaped discussions in museums would be highlighted.

Event #1

Theme: Queer Inclusion in Indian Museums


Ami Shroff, Managing Trustee, Shrujan

Poornima Sivakumar, Director, Aravani Art Project  

Moderator:Suyash Srivastava, Designer

In this discussion we tried to understand if Indian museums are accessible and inclusive to the Queer people and if museums are needed or visited by the LGBTQIA+ people? Are museums perceived as places with equal opportunities for employment? What are the inclusive programmes, policies and guidelines designed by museums for the Queer people that we can learn from?

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s another 1st for us 😎 we had the 1st MuMe Meet Up on Sunday, 27th June at 6 pm

What is MuMe Meet Up?

It’s an opportunity for chatting, meeting new people, making new friends, networking and hearing more about museums we haven’t visited yet 😍

Who can participate?

Only those who have shared their memories of a museum with us
When do we meet and how?

We meet every 4th Sunday of the month. We send an email requesting for your presence, if you agree then we send a link to a digital session

How do you share your memories of a museum?

Just email your memories, written text, photos, audio, video, artwork, in any language including sign language to

The participants of the 1st MuMe Meet Up were:

Anita Yewale, artist and museum docent

Chelsea Santos, Assistant Curator, City Palace Museum, Udaipur

Richa Jain, architect and entrepreneur

Ruchika Sinha, educator and heritage specialist

Samhita Purohit, Heritage Management student

Suyash Srivastava, Textile Designer

The session was conducted by our amazing intern, Aakanksha Tated 😊

Here’s the link to the video:

Send your museum memories to:
Follow us on:
Instagram: Museum Memories Project
Youtube: Museum Memories Project or the MuMeproject


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