MuMe Matters: Youtube video links to Events #2 and #3

MuMe Matters is an endeavour by The Museum Memories Project.

We visualise it as an interactive, invigorating, educational, exploratory and knowledge sharing catalytic space to initiate dialogues and spur conversations amongst professionals. Here, themes of accessibility and inclusion which have hitherto escaped discussions in museums would be highlighted.

Event #3: The Bihar Museum branding story
Date & Day:  12th September, 2021, Sunday
Time: 6 to 7 pm
Venue: Zoom

Anthony Lopez
, Founder and Chief Creative Director, Lopez Design
Deeptanshu Sanyal, Illustrator and Comics Artist

Poulomi Das
, Founder, The Museum Memories Project

For the 1st time, Anthony shared the behind-the-scenes branding and identity design story for the Bihar Museum and we reveal our story behind creation of ‘The Museum Memories Project’ brand.

In this discussion, we tried to understand the need, importance and challenges of branding and identity design for museums in India. Is branding a ‘bad word’ for the museum sector or can we learn how it makes the museum accessible and inclusive? Do museum branding projects give prominence to museum collections or diminish their value?

We were joined by Mr Anjani Kumar Singh, Chairperson of Advisory Council of Bihar Museum, Former Chief Secretary of Bihar, who was the Nodal Officer for the Bihar Museum project when it was at its design, research and fabrication stage. He explained the importance of branding and identity design for the Bihar Museum and how the Bihar government was satisfied, as a client, to connect to a global audience due to the effective branding strategy by Lopez Design. He said that the Bihar government had put in a lot of effort to highlight the glorious history of Bihar through the Museum and then what use would it have been if it would not have reached people?

We were joined by Sujatha from Lopez Design who elaborated upon the preparation of the brand book for the Bihar Museum project called ‘I am the Bihar Museum’

Event #2: Pandemic lessons for Indian cultural heritage
Date & Day:  15th August, 2021, Sunday
Time: 6 to 7 pm

Venue: Zoom

Vikas Dilawari
, Conservation Architect
Aanchal Mehta, Heritage Manager

This discussion is a follow up of the video interview with award winning senior conservation architect Vikas Dilawari. Now, Aanchal Mehta was seeking answers to: What are the challenges faced by Indian conservation architects?What have we learnt from the global pandemic? What is the future of conservation architecture in India? Vikas shared stories, problems and their solutions from his decades of experience.

You would have already heard from him (Link to the video interview with Vikas Dilawari: about what we learn from global pandemics, climate change, lack of community spaces, rise of skyscrapers and buildings which are not organic and devoid of Nature, and their impact on us. He had also suggested some simple ways we can take care of our old buildings, if we do not have access to a conservation architect.

Experts like Prof Y Pitkar deliberated upon the crucial question of who actually own heritage and if the governments are actually saving heritage. There was a discussion on activism for saving architectural and cultural heritage.

Chirodeep Chaudhari said that during his photographic journeys into the heart of Mumbai he saw several old chawls and housing settlements and wondered if they were considered for conservation. Is there a criteria for saving certain kinds of buildings over others?

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