Durga Pujo Specials: An offering for you <3

Wishing everyone a very Happy, Safe and Healthy Durga Pujo 🙂

This is the second Durga Pujo during the lockdown induced by the dreaded Covid 19. Nearly everyone is exhausted and drained – emotionally, physically, financially, intellectually and every other possible way. We have collected a special offering for you which are inspired from Durga Pujo celebrations from Bengal. We would not want you to miss out on the festivities associated with this festival and season ❤ so re live your memories and joys of the season, and plan for the grand one next year. May the power of the Mother Goddess be with you 🙂

All photographs are taken by Oindrilla Das from Kumortoli this year. She visited Kumortoli in Kolkata, the place where most idols are handmade with soil from the Gangetic basin. She has shared her journey with us and we are in deep gratitude to her – thank you Oindrilla ❤

To know of the myths and legends of Durga in Indian mythology, click on this link: https://varnikadesigns.blog/2019/09/26/decoding-durga-puja/

If Bengali vegetarian cuisine makes you drool, then these are the links to learn to make them from:

A brief introduction to Durga Pujo, these are videos from last year:

If you love textiles from Bengal, then here is an overview by textile historian Dr Syamali Das:

There are several other narratives around the time of Durga Pujo, here’s one celebrated by the Chau dancers of Purulia, and one by the Santhals in Santiniketan who do not worship any idol of any God or Goddess.

If you would like to roam around Kolkata when the lockdown is over, then do visit one of the most cosmopolitan places where a market is run by the Bengali Chinese: https://varnikadesigns.blog/2019/10/04/tiretti-bazaar-chinese-hub-in-kolkata/

If you have memories of Durga Pujo that you would like to share with the whole world, then please email them to us at: museummemoriesproject@gmail.com

We are re sharing those sent to us last year, happy memories last more than a lifetime 🙂



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