‘Jadughar Experts’ panel of ‘The Museum Memories Project’

For our 3rd year, we are honoured to announce our panel of ‘Jadughar Experts’  who will advise us with their valuable wisdom.

Museums in most parts of India were called a ‘Jadughar’ or ‘Ajaibghar’ meaning a physical space of magic, our project attempts to transform the Museum into an accessible and inclusive digital, intellectual, emotional, and magical space – transcending geographical boundaries for creative and safe global community engagement.

Our experts are: Ekta Bhyan, Suyash Srivastava, Amrita Gupta, Chirodeep Chaudhuri and Stephen Barker.

‘The Museum Memories Project’ is an oral history documentation project that encourages museum visitors to delve deep into their minds and feel uninhibited and happy sharing their memories, revealing a treasure house of diverse experiences.

The project intends to:

1.) bring the world closer

2.) decolonise the museum space by letting the visitors speak freely of their personal associations with museums

3.) make collections free from physical boundaries

4.) encourage multiple narratives and dialogues

It also acts as a free digital archive and resource tool for museum and heritage professionals as it presents a unique opportunity to study these collective memories of museum visitors to generate guidelines for creating accessible and inclusive museums in a post pandemic world, tuned to the needs of their visitors. It is also freely available as an educational resource for schools and colleges across the world.

It was launched on 15th April 2020 by VarnikaDesigns.

Follow us on:

Instagram: museummemoriesproject

Website: http://www.themumeproject.com

YouTube: themumeproject

Do email your museum memories to: museummemoriesproject@gmail.com


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  1. Congratulations.. I had forgotten this word Ajaibghar… 🙂 We used to hear this quite often and my ancestral home is in the heart of city.. we used to cross one everyday on way to school..


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