#projectinterpret’s first quarter…

#projectinterpret was kicked off on 1st January, 2018, by VarnikaDesigns. In the first 3 months, it has gathered its first few pilots and travelled back in time with them. Here's a quick recap below: 1st #projectinterpretpilot is Manju Ramanan, the Editor of the newly relauched Filmfare Middle East, Dubai. She visited Mumbai early this year... Continue Reading →

A Maharaja’s vision and romance

Dear Aditya, Shashwat and Anushka Let me tell you the story of the place where your parents grew up, studied, met and fell in love. It is a city where you owe your origins to, any guesses for it? Yes, it is Baroda as the British called it and Vadodara as it is now known.... Continue Reading →

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